Video Problem when playing games

I am having video problem when playing games which use D3D or OpenGL drivers.

Problem: There are a lot of green and small grids(squares) in the background(all over the screen). It does not make any different in any resolution and 16/32 bits.

Motherboard: Abit BX6 v1.0 with the latest BIOS
Graphic Card: Guillemot Maxi Gamer Xentor 32 with Nvidia Detonator 3 650 WinMe drivers
RAM: PC100 256 mb
CPU: Celeron 600 Mhz (run as 900 Mhz)

Any idea? Is it the video card getting back? Or the Nvidia driver is not compatible with card?

Please help

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  1. Might be a problem related to overheating...

    3Dfx will never die... just the staff of NVidia when I charge at 'em with a machinegun...
  2. try reinstalling directx 7.0a or higher and update direct play to 6.1. had this problem with maxi gamer cougar tnt m64 card and this solved it.
  3. Try underclocking card to see if problem get less, overclock slightly to see if problem increases. Also try card in a different computer if you can, this can rule out or in a software problem. I am tending to think it is a hardware problem.
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