Sony vaio sve15127cnb touchpad not functioning properly

Hey guys recently i bought a Sony Vaio SVE15127CNB and i am having some problem with its touchpad. Actually i am not sure if its a problem or its supposed to be like that... so please help me out.
The thing is this touchpad doesnt have a definite left and right key on the touchpad so you kinda have to assume the the strange thing is if i click on the lower edge lines of the right key, it activates the left key function... if i stay a little above the horizontal edge of the right key boundary then it works properly. So at first i thought it was a problem but then i did 2 tests and that increased my doubts... 1st i changed the left key to right key from the mouse settings and then i noticed that the edge area is working properly... like it should...
then 2nd i did was i uninstalled the synaptic driver and then i noticed that the edge region stopped working all in all so if it was broken then it should still activate the left key but it didnt, just as soon as i installed the driver it started happening again... so i was wondering if sony touch pads are meant to function this way or i have a problem with mine?
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  1. Any help guys?
  2. hi , i have also this sony laptop , i am also facing problems in this , although my touch pad works properly , my laptop screen is not bright as compair to other sony laptop, it has slightly reddish effect on screen. hey friends please help me , is some one else also facing this problems ,or my lapptop screen is difective, what i have to do friends ..............
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