Toshiba Satellite U945-S4390's trackpad broken?

Hi Guys,
This is my first post so I hope that I am doing it right :/
For Christmas I recieved a Toshiba Ultrabook and I noticed that the trackpad was slightly lifted in the top left corner. When I push it down it stays down for a while but then slowly rises again as if it is stuck down but the sticky is wasted. Also something the sensitivity isnt great and I have to push down the corner.
I really down want to send it back as I need to use it and I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem and knew how to fix it? I was going to put some glue under it but I don't know whether it will ruin the sensitivity or not.
Thanks in advance, I would really appreciate any help :)
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  1. DO NOT GLUE THE TOUCHPAD. Take it back and get another one. You will void the warranty.
  2. Ok, thanks! I was about to. Is there no way to fix it? Like a sticky pad or something? I am aware that it sounds stupid, but i really dont have the time to send it away and the shipping costs were crazy as I got it in America. :/
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