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I don't know where this question would go but here it is anyways.

I'm looking for a tablet on newegg (has to be there since i have a $50 gift card on there) thats good and reliable. Can you guys help me out on my search? Its my first tablet

Looking for:
atleast 1.2 GHz

Also no apple products, i hate them
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  1. Galaxy specs suck compared to an ASUS Transform Pad, which is the same price as it on Newegg.

    I was thinking about getting the Nexus 7, it had some pretty good specs and i saw some reviews on it.
  2. I would say Nexus 7 is best bet
  3. What are you wanting to do on your tablet:

    web browsing
    watch videos
    read e-books/magazines
    play angry birds
    send email w/ attachable keyboard

    Also, what type of smart phone do you use? If you are familiar with Android, I would go with the ASUS Transformer Infinity - excellent screen, quality components, keyboard dock extends battery life and good OS. If you have a windows phone, it might be worth testing out the Surface RT. Regardless of what direction you want to go, I would go to a BestBuy to test out both products so you feel comfortable with the solution you choose.
  4. +1 to Game junky, I agreed 100%
  5. I'd like to have ease at web browsing, watching youtube, and playing games here and there (i dont play HD games all that much)

    I use a HTC Merge. The Infinity and Surface RT both look amazing but there outside my max budget ($419 on Newegg, and $369 without Newegg)
  6. Well, you could just start at the high-end and work your way down. So...

    Asus Transformer Infinity TF700T @ $450

    If that's overkill for you then you can look towards the Transformer Pad TF300T @ $350
  7. I am a believer in spending the money once rather than having to upgrade all the time. Everybody is different - if your budget is firm, the Transformer Pad is from the same series of tablets - the biggest difference being the screen quality. As a movie fan, screen res is a huge issue for me. If it isn't a make or break point, then I would see if you can get your hands on one to test the weight and feel of the tablet. ASUS makes wonderful products.

    I personally am looking forward to trying the Surface Pro next month (or whenever they release it - they haven't given a firm date yet). Win8 functionality in tablet form factor. If it does well, it's going to be my new toy.
  8. I ordered the Lenovo IdeaPad A2109 (22901DU) 9-inch 16GB Tablet for $230, and UPS says it's out for delivery. It will be my first tablet. After studying specs and ratings, I selected this one, and am really looking forward to it.
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