Concern over Benchmark Results (3DMark 2000)

I recently bought a new computer. A few days ago I got a copy of NBA Live 2001 which chugs like a Hippo on my computer. Concerned about this, I decided to try benchmarking my new setup to see if I was getting the bang for my buck. I ran MadOnion's 3DMark 2000 to analyse performance - so far I have not been able to better 8100 on the default benchmark. However, I have seen lots of reports of similar setups getting closer to 9000. Should I worry about a few hundred points? I know the products in my computer are quality, but what if I'm not getting the best performance out of what I own?

I would very much appreciate some advice.


Specs: AMD Athlon TBird 1.2 GHz, ASUS A7V board, 512 MB SDRAM, Hercules 3D Prophet II Ultra (most recent Hercules drivers, running DirectX 8.0, Win98 2nd Edn.
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  1. DX8 still sucks, but your 3DM2K scores are pretty good. I don't know if DX8 slows down 3DM2K, but it does slow down some games over DX7a.

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  2. with a score of 8000++ there is nothing wrong with your system. as was mentioned, dx8 isn't that great with win98 (there are mixed opinions) but more importantly i don't think it's a good performance mix with the 6.xx drivers. try the 7.xx drivers (i use the 7.17 and people say the 7.52's are good). on top of that, a lot of the high scores you see are the result of overclocking, plain and simple. people overclock the crap out of their vid cards and even the same 1.2ghz will not perform the same if one is achieved with a higher fsb than the other one. take it with a grain of salt and it seems that your computer is performing very time goes by you will probably hit on some tweaks here and there that will squeeze every bit of performance out but you're fine for now.
  3. i have a 1.2 and visiontek ULTRA, running W2k. my score is about 7600, so i think yours is about right. BUT, I don't see any 3dmark score increase with OVERclockin the Videocard
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    "BUT, I don't see any 3dmark score increase with OVERclockin the Videocard"

    no offense, ehartono, but try to say that over in the 3dmark forum at madonion and you'll be laughed out of the computer world. of course overclocking the videocard (i.e setting the video card memory and gpu higher than stock) will yield performance gains in video card intensive programs/benchmarks.
    if i have misunderstood your statement, and for your sake i hope i have, then i apologize for my tyrade...
  5. What's your bus speed?
    800x600x16 = 8486
    1024x768x16 = 7944

    Tbird 1.2 @ 1.3
    208 Mhz bus
    256 PC-133 SDRAM
    GeForce2 Ultra
  6. Quit whining and hurling insults at your responses.

    You want faster.. do the ground work and TWEAK that baybe.

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