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I have a Inspiron 5100, works just fine, but tonight I was using the
laptop on the battery, I ran the battery down t5o about 30 % left. So
Ipluged in the power supply and it charged the battery to 100%, I kept
the power supply plugged in and after a couple hours I noticed the
battery was down to 50% and the power supply was cool, it was always
quite warm or even abit hot.
My question is did the charger over heat and self destruct or is there
a thjermal cut out inside and I have to wait till it resets on cool

Thanks Roy
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?)


    It sounds like your computer's power supply gave it up.

    I'd look for any cables that got disconnected and check to be sure that the
    wall outlet is "live" with a lamp or something.

    A replacement AC cord might be worth trying too. They cost a few bucks and
    might solve your problem.

    My money is still on the power "brick" though. Your computer is probably

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