Crashing during online games-HELP!!


During online games, primarily Soldier of Fortune 2 sometimes, after about 40 minutes my system crashes. Upon restart I send the serious error report to Microsoft and all they say is it was caused by an unknown device driver.

Before I upgraded my device drivers to XP for my soundcard, I at least was getting a blue screen and the message 'Driver_IRQL-not_less_or _equal', which a mate suggested to me that I increase my I/O operations value, which I did and also to check my IRQ in device manager, which I did and their where no conflicts.

Now, since installing the XP drivers for my soundcard I dont even get that blue screen which might give me a clue, just the error report on reboot.

The only thing I can think of to do now is to move my soundcard to a different slot, so does anyone have any ideas please. Any help would be gratefully received but please answers in simpletons language please. Cheers.

Thanks for your replies in advance.

My system:

MSI K7N2 Delta ILSR M/board
Athlon XP 2.4 Processor
Geforce 4 Ti 4600 Platinum graphics card
Creative Labs Soundblaster 1024 sound card
512 DDRam
BT Voyager 100 USB ADSL Modem
Win XP Home edition
100 GB hard drive memory (20 master/80 slave)
400w PSU
DVD player
LG CD Re-writer
Floppy Disc Drive

All drivers are up to date so I believe.
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  1. Try this:
    remove sound card from computer and uninstall all the drivers that you can find. if your comfortable with editing the registry do a search and remove all lines referring to the sound card. BE SURE TO BACKUP THE REGISTRY FIRST!.
    after thats done reboot and play game. I know it will be boring without sound but this will tell you if the problem is with the sound card or not.
    If computer runs ok with no crashes then reinstall the sound card and use the origional drivers for xp, no updates yet.
    restart computer and play game with sound card. If no crashes then prob. was with drivers. If crashes still happen then you may have a bad card, but I doubt it since it works for awhile.
    Dont use the pci slot closest to the agp slot. Some boards use the same IRQ for pci slot 1 and the agp slot. Mine does. look in the MB manual and see if it list the IRQs used for each slot.

    try this and let us know if it works
  2. Go to Control Panel/System/Advanced. Then click on the Settings button under Startup and Recovery. Then uncheck the box that says Automatically restart, under System failure. Now you should see the blue screen before the computer restarts, and you'll be able to make a note of the errors that you get.

    Your arrogance is boring!
  3. when i had problems with sound cards in previous op/sys i used to go into bios and free up (disable) comm ports 1&/or2 you don't use them anyway and it freed up a irq which after loading seemed to sort my problems out.cost nothing to try, although i have'nt tried it with xp as i use the onboard sound with that mobo
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