Which Computer is Better?

This one:

Or This one:

Or This one:

Im leaning towards the first one, mostly because its the cheapest.

I use my laptop for photo/video editing, lots of video streaming (youtube, putlocker.. ect), listening to music, general things like facebook, email, forums,..ect, and I play minecraft.

Which one do you reccommend
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  1. Can't see the third link. You say the first is cheapest but it's showing up as $650 compared to $500 for the second.
  2. Sorry, I meant im leaning toward the 2nd one.
  3. The cheaper one has a good CPU but the AMD A10 would have better graphics and better graphics driver support for games. An Intel CPU plus AMD/Nvidia GPU would offer the best of both worlds but might be more expensive, while the AMD APU is more balanced if not quite as strong on the CPU side. You did mention some gaming (minecraft). The AMD CPU could be "fast enough" to let the better graphics sway you, though Intel 4000 would probably play that game. Those are really the big differences between the two, spec-wise.

    If the money is a big enough concern the Intel one is a good laptop and HD 4000 is Intel's best GPU to date still. Is the difference worth $150 for the better graphics and "good enough" CPU? Maybe if you game enough but for general use I'd probably pick the Intel.
  4. Looking through the specs, I suspect the 2nd one will suit your needs best. The first uses an A10 APU so it has better graphics, but I think the i5 will perform better than the A10 in the applications your after.

    EDIT: Though that's based on nothing more than a gut feeling and an educated guess, so might be wrong.
  5. If I was going to choose, I would get the first one. The AMD APU is a very well balanced system the offer balanced cpu/gpu power, especially for visual task. The second one is weaker on graphic and good on CPU while the third one, well the third one has the slowest cpu of all 3, so not really recommended for editing but has somewhat adequate graphic.

    So, it is up to you to decide if you want pure CPU power with the second one or a better balanced system with sufficent GPU power (for the price)to play games.
  6. Sorry, unless you jumped second one is sold out, Quantity zero.
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