Monitor screen looks scrambled after waking from s

Just upgraded my videocard to an Elsa Gladiac 32mb & upgraded to the newer Elsa driver

I did'nt upgrade to the because you lose"all of the ELSA intergrated tools if you do so .

My monitor looks scrambled after waking up from sleep mode......

All other bios/drivers are up to date with my sys.

Anyone know what could be the problem ??? Thanks
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  1. I had that same exact problem except it was alot worse. i found that deguassing my moniter worked pretty well. another problem could be that your moniter isnt connected right. pull out your moniter plug from your video card and blow into the pug real hard to get the dust out and plug it back in and make sure its screwed in really well. that solved it for me so it might work for you good luck! :)
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