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i have for sale some WG 4500 working chassis.
I have 2 of them.

I am getting rid of them bacause i am getting rid of the monitors due
to the tubes have alot of screen burn in them.

I took off the tubes and will be disposing of them at my local tv
repair place, but its a shame to throw away a good chassis.

if anyone is in need of these chassis or parts of theses chassis please
email me or post here and i will sale them to you for cheap.

im thinking like $10 + shipping per chassis or best offer, and i will
charge the actual shipping.

or i will take $30 with free shipping for both chassis.

I also have a WG 4600 chassis not working (parts use) with no HV board
and no RGB/SYNC board (take best offer)

Lastly i have a Hantarex MTC 9000 not woking (parts use) no boards
(take best offer)

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    Hey, if I can put a 4500 chassis on a 4900, or 4600, I'd be interested.
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