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Dell vs HP

I am planning to buy a laptop primarily for gaming and then for everything else.....!!
According to my budget i.e. around 45000 INR., I short-listed 2 laptops.

The first one is Dell Inspiron 15r.This is the new model with following specs.

CPU- Intel I5 3210M 2.5GHZ
GPU- AMD Radeon HD 7670M

The other one is HP G6-2016tx. I think this is an old one.

has the same configuration too.
I am attaching a compare link too.Please look to it and tell me which one should I pick. I want to play games like Call of Duty MW3, Driver:San Francisco, Bulletstorm,Max Payne 3, etc.,COMDAS5HHGFEBEVN

Thanks in Advance...!! :)
I welcome any other recommendations than these 2 laptops.But should fit inside my budget.
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    Among two choices you provided, they both are same in specs with only few minor differences. The HP is out of stock currently, so I guess you only left with the Dell :)
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