Purchasing a New Laptop, What to buy?

I am looking to purchase a laptop for around the £400-450 mark, i will be using it for general work plus playing games and some photo shopping.

I have found 4 in the range which seem suitable yet am unsure which processor/graphics option would be best. Please can you help?





These are the four in question.
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  1. What kind of games do you play? Do you plan to play games a lot with the notebook?

    If you seldom play games or just want to play small games like minesweeper or solitaire, then you can pick the 2nd option, it has core i7 quad core processor (the best among fours), but the VGA is integrated. Processor power is more important for graphic editing.

    If not, then pick the 1st one, it has the best discrete VGA among others.
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