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I need some suggestions in trouble shooting my Toshiba satellite the problem is windows will not load. Everything was working fine and when I turned on my computer one day it said no operating system and when I tried to load windows it would not load. I checked the bios and the hdd shows up but the bios does not have a test option so I have not tested. I am not sure how to trouble shoot the hdd I would appreciate suggestions. I dont want to purchase a new hdd if I don't need it you know. I also checked the ram and that is ok
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  1. Goto the HDD manuf website. In the support section you should find a download for Checking the HDD. You will want a bootable ISO file.

    Alternative whould be to get the Ultimate Boot CD as it has several HDD utilities on it. It is a Bootable ISO.
  2. Thanks for the reply I will give that a try.
  3. So if I could not get windows to start will I be cable to get the pc to read the cd and run the test?
  4. I cant seem to find a test to download any suggestions? The hdd is a Hitachi HTS5
  5. Your HDD is fine and functional. The only error is that your computer has nothing to read from the HDD, and is therefore failing to boot. If you insert a USB or CD drive with a Windows ISO on it, then it will boot fine - all you have to do is reinstall windows from the boot device. If you google "windows iso" then you will most likely find illegal cracked versions. When this happened to me, the windows 7 serial number was on a sticker on the bottom of my laptop. When you buy a copy of windows, the money is for the serial number, not the actual cd. If you have the windows serial number with you, all you have to do is find a LEGAL, UNCRACKED VERSION OF WINDOWS. Once you have installed, then copy it onto a USB/CD and boot from it. It's smooth sailing from there
  6. ^ He indicated that he tried to install windows and Bios has trouble seein the drive.
    It could be a simple thing like a corrupted MBR. or the HDD has Died.

    The CD ISO is just like a BOOTABLE drive, so the system should boot to it. The File is an ISO file so you do NOT just copy the file. Your CD writing program should have a function for coping an ISO (And make the CD bootable).

    This would work, But you would need to connect to a working system as the utility is windows based
  7. Ok thanks a lot guys I will give it a try
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