Need help to fix a problem with one of my games pl

I have all the reg for the game No One Lives Forever on my Hewlett Packard, I have added a voodoo 3000 graphic card to my computer. I went into bios and disabled the 810 chipset one that came with the computer. Anyways when I play the game it plays until you have to go through the doors in the first level but then freezes everytime or does not respond. What is the problem the technical support person for the game said it was because the 810 chip is not disabled but I believe it is. So does anyone have a suggestion on what to do? The game plays great up to that point.
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  1. some mobo's need you to do it via jumper, maybe yours does too.
  2. Check in device manager and see if Windows is still detecting the built in graphics, under <b>Display Adapter</b>. If it is then disable the device, do not remove it since windows will just install it again. Did this for a friend on his HP computer (he didn't have a bios choice to disable) and it worked great.
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