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Please help me - Important Data may be lost

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July 13, 2010 9:37:25 PM

Hey, today I powered on my computer and it won't boot into Windows 7 64 bit, it shows this:

Cannot Open C:\Recovery.dat

I have a bizarre collection of problems so here is everything you need to know:

Machine: Asus g50vt
What I have: Windows 7 32 Bit Installation disk, a 1 GB USB, internet access on another laptop.
The problem: as stated above, but it is worse, my machine won't load into the Windows Installation disk even though DVD is top priority in boot menu and even if HD is completely disabled, it says "Reboot and select proper Boot device"

So I cannot log-in into windows, and cannot boot into windows installation, my only option is the Asus Recovery Partition right?
Well that didn't help much either because it has these very not helpful options:

"Recover Windows to first partition only"
"Recover Windows to entire HD"
"Recover Windows to entire HD with 2 partition"

Does that even make any sense? I had two HDs; The first had E (Windows 7 64) and C (Windows Vista 64) the second is for Data, it had two other partitions.

What do they mean by "first partition only" does that refer to C: or the first partition in the other drive? my important Data is in the DATA HD (not E o C) and if I do actually select option #1 does it not affect the data on the partitions which are not the "first"?

My ultimate dream now (as the other laptop does not have a CD burner and I'm on a very important business trip) is to somehow boot to command promot from a USB and fix the Master Boot Record or something, I know my OS and files are still there but they simply cannot start due to something going mad.

Hope this is all info you need, I am here online 24/7 waiting for help so if you repy I will reply immediately please help me I need to access my laptop urgently.

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July 13, 2010 9:49:07 PM

Guys it worked! I was so despeate I tried all keyboards keys when booting up then I pressed something and some manager asked me what HD to boot from I selected the 2nd one cuz I felt like it and now I can see my two OSes and boot from them, please lock and thanks for the wonderful forum - I am sure I would have had luck eventually because I read these forums a lot and know that many members help each other.