Ddr3 650M vs gddr5 650M

Hey guys,
i want to buy a laptop for gaming
i have 60k rs!
I have comen across two laptops
Samsung 550p-61900
I7-3630QM(2.4GHZ to 3.4 on turbo boost)
Ddr3 650M
8GB ddr3 ram
1 TB hdd

Other one is dell inspiron 17r-63000
I5-3210m(2.5GHz to 3.1GHz)
Gddr5 650m 2GB
4GB ram
1 TB hdd.

So which would you prefer for better gaming?
P.s thank you.
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  1. Take the dell. For gaming, GPU is more important.
  2. Okay.
    Thank you.
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