Best Adhesive to Anchor Lenovo U160 Hinge

My daughter has a Lenovo IdeaPad U160, which is basically a fairly powerful subnotebook (circa 2010) in a netbook case. Its lid broke loose from the right hinge, and as difficult as this may be to believe, when I took it apart, I discovered that the hinges are secured to the inside of the screen with adhesive, not screws! It looks like the adhesive was applied to the metal hinges, which were then pressed onto a thin plate made of aluminum plies - or maybe just the ply right behind the screen is aluminum and there are some other materials sandwiched in to give some rigidity to the back of the lid. On the right side, the ply to which the hinge was originally glued had literally torn off - the ply material was still stuck to the hinge.

I first tried to glue it back using Super Glue (cyanoacrilate), and that held for a couple of months, but the twisting force of opening and closing the lid eventually broke it loose again. (Cynanoacrilate holds very well against attempts to pull the bond apart, but not so well against twisting force.) Can anyone suggest an adhesive that's at least as strong as what Lenovo originally used?

Mark Lebowitz
Chicago, IL
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  1. For metal on metal I don't believe anything beats JB Weld. It's used for binding automotive parts.
  2. I'm game to try it, but like most brands of adhesive, there are multiple JB Weld adhesives to choose from. Which one do you recommend?


    Mark Lebowitz
    Chicago, IL
  3. That one I couldn't really tell you. The different ones formulated for metal binding can be found HERE. You obviously wouldn't need the threadlocker or temperature resistant, so whichever.

    EDIT: You won't need much, maybe the size of a grain of rice or a pea at most. So just get whatever is cheapest / the least amount. Just remember, it is epoxy, so if you don't get the "quick set" it will need the full allotted time to cure.
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