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Acer aspire 5349 windows 7 professional compatibility

I am assisting a colleague with his recently acquired secondhand Acer Aspire 5349 laptop. Intel B815 CPU, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 320 GB HDD. Did a full re-install of Windows 7 Professional, since Avast Antivirus did not want to install and the exefile parameter in RegEdit was missing.

Is Win7 Pro compatible with this machine?

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    The Acer Aspire 5349 ships with Windows 7 pre-installed. It is therefore compatible with any edition of that OS.

    Incidentally, I wouldn't put much faith in Avast Antivirus. My son refuses to pay for virus protection so he uses avast and so does my grandson. Both of them are regularly getting hit by malware.
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  3. Hi :)

    CLOSING due to age... but please start another thread if you are still having problems , which I will answer promptly...

    All the best Brett :)
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