How do i find a network security key on my computer

Finding the network security key for a acer laptop. I just purchased an Acer laptop and can not connect to my WiFi. I am asked for the network security key. Where and how do I find this number?
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  1. Reset the router and it will be gone. Don't forget to put a new one on so your neighbors don't steal from you.
  2. Connect the pc to the router via USB or LAN.
    In a browser type
    It will ask for a password and user name.
    The user name is generally admin but the password can be password or anything you set it to.
    If you lost the acess password to the router setup(not the wi-fi log in) you can reset the router to default setting by turning on the router and pressing the reset button(its very small,you'll need a needle or something very small to press it) until the lights of the router turn off.
    After the reset the user name will be admin and the password will be password.
    Type on the browser and input them.
    Set the wi-fi on and set a password for it and you are done.

    P.S.: Some router can be acessed throught or something similar.Refer to the user manual to see which adress it is or tell us what router brand it is so we can look it up.If it is a modem-router from your ISP look at the back of the modem-router and it will say the Default adress(192.168.x.x),user name and password.
    If it doesnt contact your ISP for this information.
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