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I have recently got a new job where i will have some disposable income and i thought seeing as i have a gaming desktop and i am on the move quite a lot with this new job i'd like to invest in a cheap gaming laptop. Now i know "Cheap" gaming laptop is in itself a terrible idea so i thought i would post my specs of a laptop i am looking at and perhaps get a little feedback on it :) (I really can't justify paying 1K for a gaming laptop but at the same time if i have to fork out an extra hundred or two it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world)

The laptop i'm looking at has the following specs:

Enigma IV 15.6 Glossy HD LES backlit widescreen 1366x768 (For an extra 35 can get it to 1920X1080)
Intel Core I7 Quad core mobile processor I7-3630QM (2.40GHz)
4gb samsung 1600MHz SODIMM DDR3 Memory (1x4GB)
NVIDIA Geforce GT 650M 2.0GB
500GB SERIAL ATAII 2.5" HDD with 8mb cache
8X Sata DVD writer/dual layer
Enigma series gigabit lan & wireless 802.11N
No OS (will be putting Windows 7 on it)
all for £538

Any suggestions would be incredibly appreciated.

Thank you :D
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  1. get the better screen and up it to 8GB memory

    use Windows7 64-bit
  2. that 650m will perform fairly well at 1080p, medium settings in most games. while you can go for a clevo or MSI barebones. a MSI 16F3 would probably do you well and cost around £520 with a 670m, add in the cost of the processor, RAM HDD/SSD and you are looking around £800 minimum but the performance increase is quite worth it. with all that calculated in plus the upgrade ability of a barebone laptop, you can probably get a good 3-4 years of decent performance out of it.
  3. Thanks for the reply guys, I think i will upgrade the screen to 1920 model and the 8gb of ram will only be another 70 pounds :)

    Thanks again!
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