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I recently built a new system... Long story short, I popped in my winfast geforce 2 mx card and didn't have any problems until i put the drivers in. Now I get about 10-20 seconds once the PC gets into windows before the system just locks.

I'm wondering if anyone has had similar problems...
I tried for kicks to see if it was the card that was causing problems, so I popped in a voodoo 3 3500 agp with the exact same problem reaccuring.

Just fyi, i went into bios to make sure there were no AGP conflicts (i.e. agp 4x is disabled, etc). It's an Abit KA 7 board with an 850 t-bird on it. I have a bazillion fans (6 i think) keeping everything cool, too.

Can't think of anything else pertinent to mention, I'm just wondering if anyone had similar problems and if my suspicion that it's a driver issue is true. I'm going to try getting the latest drivers from nvidia, assuming i can keep the system running that long to grab um.:)

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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  1. Don't know if this helps, but check if there's a driver CD
    for your mobo. I had this problem with an ATi card
    (still do I think...); what you're looking for specifically is something called an AGP driver/miniport/VxD driver, chipset driver, GART driver or VGART
  2. Try using a different memory module, your memory may be corrupted. This could explain the lockups.
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