d3d lockups with geforce2 GTS (leadtek)

eep.It seems that when trying to play *any* d3d game as well as 3dmark2001 tests i have a complete system lockup, forcing me to reboot. I have flashed all the possible firmware i can think of... the card's, the mobo's, the chipset. I also have turned off everything the menufacturers website tells me to. Every possible driver has been updated, installed the newest detonator drivers as well. I have a leadtek winfast geforce 2 GTS, a MSI 6163 motherboard with a 440BX chipset, p3 800, and run win98. If someone out there has experienced a similiar problem or has ANY (that means every) suggestion I would love to hear it. This problem is stopping me from play black and white ;).
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  1. Element,
    I too find that the D3D games lock up. Specifically Age of Emires II and Midtown Madness 2. I am running Leadtek geforce 2 gts of course, tbird 1ghz on K7m board. I updated my geforce bios to leadteks 6.2 and my numbers became worse. So I went back to the previous bios and am using the .648 drivers from leadtek in winME. I have tried every nvida driver out there. These seem to run the best except the 10.80 drivers game me a 3029 in 3dmark2001. I don't freeze in winME but freeze terrible in win2000. I have gone to the nvidia 11.01 drivers in win2000. I am running the games at 1024 X 768 but turned the graphics down to lower detail. This helped some but not totally. Where does all of this get you? No where probably except that you and I are not alone. I was afraid maybe it was my amd system not working but you have intel so it's not that.
    So I guess that we will hope someone has some answers. It is frustrating and definately eliminates playing on line at all as who wants to play a game and freeze up almost instantly. I can play though in ME for quite awhile before it freezes.
  2. Reinstall Direct X and update Direct Play if you are not using DirectX 8 or above.
    Ephod there is a update for Midtown Madness which also updates Direct Play. cool game for a lan party of 4 or more players.
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