Upgrading SSD in Sony VAIO Series


I recently purchased a Sony Z series. VPCZ2390X.

It came with 128GB SSD and i wish to upgrade it to a 256 or 512SSD GB.

Am i able to purchase any SSD from amazon and it will fit with this model? And as for re-installing Windows 7/VAIO specific drivers - I obviously wouldnt want to purchase a license for windows again so am i able to create a recovery disk from the current SSD and re-install windows on the new SSD?

Thanks and have a great new year
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  1. Size of SSD's are usually the same. 2.5" form factor.
    SSD's are temperamental and require quite a bit of research prior to buying. You should go to the manufacture website of the SSD and find the approved hardware. Beyond that do the research in the Forums to find different problems and resolutions. I have had great luck with the Samsung 830 and now 840 series of SSD's. I have installed in 4 different HP laptops and my old Gigabyte H55M-USB3 motherboard works great with one.
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