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Okay - I'll admit it. I'm new to team multiplayer games. In fact, I only started because I saw a friend playing Renegade online and thought it looked fun.

I had the Renegade demo on a Maximum PC CD-ROM, so I tried it and played during a large portion of my free time for about a week before going back to some of the games I hadn't finished from the summer.

I usually like to play a supporting role (ie. engineer or stealth tank). My question is, what team based shooters would you say are good and allow a variety of playing styles. Although not necessary, it would be nice if it would run on a slower computer so I wouldn't need to wait in line for my dad's good computer. My slower (okay, really slow) computer is a K6-2 450 with 256MB of RAM and a Matrox G200, which I plan to replace with a Geforce 2 MX.
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  1. Try Unreal Fortress - free mod for Unreal Tournament (, it's currently my favourite.
    Unreal Fortress is UT version of old classic Team Fortress, originally created for Quake 1. It allows you to play as: commando (soldier), heavy gunner, armourer (engineer), medic, saboteur (spy), arsonist, demolitionist, scout and marksman. They are VERY different in playstyle, my favourites are commando & armourer.
  2. yeah, i was gonna recommend TFC (team fortress classic), its the halflife version of what thaloc recommended. It can run well on low end systems too. Before i upgraded i ran it on a K6-II 500, 256 MB ram, and an integrated Trident Blade video chip *cringe* and it ran the game good.
    Counterstrike is another fun team shooter, but it doesn't have the different classes, but instead your team earns money to buy guns, armor, and equipment. This game takes a little more of a machine to run, but still runs fairly good on lower end systems.. Its also a free halflife mod
  3. For team based shooters, NOTHING beats Tribes 2. If you have patience of course...this game will take you months to master, but once you have, you get the following...

    -3D combat thanks to jetpacks (AWESOME)
    -Squad based 12v12 capture the flag matches.
    -Team bases complete with power supplies (generators) that can be destroyed and repaired, inventory stations to change your armor/weapon loadout, and both mounted and deployable base turrets.
    -Awesome vehicles--planes, tanks, motorcycles, 3-man bombers (1 pilot, 1 bomber, 1 tailgunner), and 8-man transport ships.
    -Official, highly organized ladders ( for example) that keep track of your teams records.
    -In game clan-support
    -Varying support roles
    -Highly moddable code (with many mods already in full swing, that add support positions such as engineer to lay defense, flag capturing armors, and of course the mighty juggernaught to do the damage).

    I've been playing for 2 years now, and it'll be re-released on November 27th for $10 with new gameplay modes (in addition to capture the flag, siege (see who can capture a base the fastest), deathmatch, and rabbit (kill the carrier) which already exist).

    For squad based play, there's not beating it. Just remember, due to the 3d axis and extensive controls, it takes months to master.
  4. I'm actually pretty used to playing with 3D axis, since I played a lot of Descent when I was younger. Although I do need to ask: Are the flying controls linked to your crosshair (like in Descent) or do you need to fly and aim with seperate controls. Also, if I have a perfectly calibrated joystick and a mouse, I should be able to switch between them on the fly, right?

    Also, will the rerelease be sold in Canada? Does it require a lot of CPU power?
  5. I tried the demo version of Tribes 2... moving around was easy. Aiming at someone using a jetpack, or targetting someone while using a jetpack, is not. One of the main problems I had was the sniper rifle seems to overzoom, which makes it hard to shot moving targets. Also, I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to buy upgrades and things like that, but I thing I'll keep this one on my list, especially because some of the mods look like they'll be great.
  6. I loved tribes1, but i was quite disapointed with tribes2... i can't believe i bought it =\
  7. Ok, been there, done that... I've bought Tribes 2 and played it all weekend (3 days, we had a national holiday on monday :p).
    Game is really nice, especially vehicles. I didn't liked the combat style (jumping high on jetpack and shooting to each other while in the air), so I mostly played as support - I was deploing remote equpement (turrets, sensors, etc.), doing repairs, and acting as tailgunner/bomber. Too bad no one bothered to use command screen, but I suppose it's normal in public games - no one would listen to orders from strangers anyway :).
    Most annoying thing was my very short average life span ;), I think some weapons are just too powerful. Enemy with fusion mortar inside your base is real pain in the ass. I tried once using mortar inside my base, and I was kicked from game for team killing :D.
  8. He!He! Teamkilling is my speciality.
    Nothing beats running around in MOHAA and pop your team mates,
    especially when the host is not there and no one can kick you.

    You would be surprised of all the 'creative' profanities people come up with
    in hope that the teamkiller will leave the server.


    <font color=blue><A HREF="" target="_new">Put it under your lip</A></font color=blue>
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