ASUS laptop screen goes black when I plug in my 2nd monitor via USB/VGA adapter.

I have an ASUS laptop running on Windows 7. I recently purchased a StarTech USB-VGA adapter to connect a 2nd monitor. When I plug in the adapter my screen goes black and I have to do a hard reboot to get it to recover. I tried the adapter on another laptop and it works as advertised, no problems. I followed the instructions and downloaded the latest driver prior to plugging in the adapter but that did not make any difference. Any suggestions as to what to try next?
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  1. Usually there is a key combo to activate the VGA out (like fn+F2). Check the user manual online or hard print if you have one for the key combo, and make sure you set it properly once it's up (mirror each other, extend monitor, etc). Good luck.
  2. to add to scottiemedic's comment, on the laptop's built-in keyboard, there is usually a little picture of a monitor on the correct key that he is referring to, or it might show "crt" . You would need to press the "fn" key and then the key with the little monitor as i Mentioned to toggle through the modes. You would do this while keeping the "fn" key pressed and then tapping that other key each time to get to the one that might work.
  3. Update bios.
    Update hdd/ssd firmware.
    Update Gpu firmware .
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