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Hey, just wondering if you all could help me out real quick.

I know this seems like a common sense question, but I just want to make sure before I order.

I was going to buy a Geforce2 MX board today for $150, but just saw a deal where I can get a Leadtek Winfast Geforce2 Pro (small step up from GTS) for $160. Well I'm pretty sure I'm gonna order the Pro here in a few minutes, but I just want to make sure I have everything strait. It will be a good about faster than the MX correct? I don't know too much about graphics boards but I'm assuming since the Pro uses 32megs of DDR memory it will be noticably faster than the MX boards.

Thanks in adavance for your help guys...the quicker the replies the better cause I want to go ahead and order this bad boy.


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  1. Go for the Pro. MOST GF2 MX's only use SDR (Though I know Creative has a version with DDR). No matter what type of RAM used, the MX will have inferior performance to the GTS and above. If you have the choice between an MX and a Pro.....throw in the extra cash for the Pro.
  2. First off, to answer your question, I'd throw down the extra cash for that card in a heartbeat.

    I took a look at this Leadtek card as well. Some interesting findings. The name is misleading, in comparison of the Leadtek Winfast GeForce 2 32MB Pro to reference GeForce 2 Pro specs, the 32MB Pro runs at lower clock speeds than the reference specs. The Leadtek card runs at 200MHz Core/366MHz RAM, while the Pro reference spec (obtained from the GeForce 2 Scaling Analysis article) are 200MHz Core/400MHz RAM. Also, it uses 5.5 ns RAM compared to the Leadtek Winfast GeForce 2 Pro original's 5 ns RAM. But these specs are above similarly priced GeForce 2 GTS's you'll find.

    That is not to say it's a bad card, it will beat that GeForce 2 MX into the ground in many things.

    Also, you can find VisionTek and MSI GeForce 2 GTS's for about $140 on a few places on the net, I'd consider that.

    This Leadtek card might have a little edge over these, the price as well won't kill you.

  3. Not only <b>would</b> I choose the Pro, I did, yesterday!

  4. I just purchased the same card a couple of days ago. I found it for $155 at For the price, it's an unbeatable deal, IMO. In looking at the scaling analysis articles, going for 32 MB of memory in lieu of 64 only costs you 2 or 3 FPS. It's hardly worth the extra $50-100 to go with the 64 MB GTS Pro. I haven't gotten the card yet so I can't say if there are problems with it, but it seems most cards nowadays seem to deliver about the same build quality and driver support. I thought it was such a good deal, I am wondering if it was a price misprint myself.

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  5. I agree that I personally only need 32MB. I fly flight sims so that is really all I need. However I may have to get a 64MB card because I can't find a GF2 Ultra card with 32MB on it. I might still get the Leadtek too, but am waiting to see how much the prices of all the cards drop with the release of GF3 in a few days.

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