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I have Arctic and Hydro thunder parts for sale. All are brand new,
never been used. Hard drives are still in their boxes. I can't remember
but everything came from either Betson's or Happ Controls. If
interested in anything please e-mail.

Hydrothunder dashboard w/view decal and buttons: $85
(dark blue)
Hydrothunder dashboard blank (light blue) 65
Hydrothunder hard drive A-23221 165
(I have two so for both it's 300)

Arctic thunder hard drive A-23989 165
Arctic force feedback motor and gearbox assembly 375
(shaft came in two lenghts, this is the smaller one)

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  1. HI Paul
    I need the hard drive of Arctic thunder as soon u can
    Please price and time of deliver and how to send u the moneys
    Ashraf Mansour
  2. You posted to a 4 year old thread.....
  3. Dear Sir
    I am in need for arctic thunder hard disk I have arcade machine but the hard disk is not work anymore please advice with availability time of delivery to Cairo Egypt
    Ashraf Mansour
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