LAPTOP** Upgrading an old T5670 (965 CHIPSET)

hi guys so i know im probably 15 years late but i want to upgrade my Vaio VGN CR343N and possibly fit it with another processor. please dont ask me to just buy another lappy. i can barely afford a processor to it. so what are my options and which is one would give me better gaming performance (Again, i know it sounds stupid but i play some games on it like minecraft and battlefield heroes which work a charm but i want moar fps so help me out guys and please try to stay on topic.

here are all the core 2 duo mobile processors listen in one page

im running 2GB of ram on windows 7 32 bit and it would mean a lot if someone could just help me with which processor i need to buy or even get me a link to the sellers page. thanks in advance guys!!
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  1. pretty sure you can't upgrade laptop processors.
  2. @Youngster. this guy upgraded his...
  3. Use CPU-Z to get the EXACT chipset (965GL or whatever), then click on that chipset on ark and then compatible products. Make sure you pay attention to the TDP and socket (mPGA type thing).
  4. Most laptops have a very limited upgrade path. So the gains from upgrading would be very minimal while being very expensive. The processors have to be the same socket and have the same thermal performance since you will not be able to upgrade the laptop's cooling.

    So in effect you could maybe go from an obsoete 1.8Ghz processor to a similarly obsolete 2Ghz processor and that's not going to help you play games one bit. You want gaming performance you need to upgrade graphics. And that you can't do as laptop graphics are soldered to the motherboard.

    Don't forget you have to pay someone to do the upgrade. Unless you have extensive experience working on laptop internals. I will not touch one and I have done well over 100 desktop builds since the mid 90s. The only computer I ever flat out broke was a laptop I tried to upgrade.
  5. Hehe me too anort i decided not to upgrade my lappy and just invest in a p4 desktop since i cant afford anything and me too ive been upgrading desktops for my friends for ages but i dont even want to touch my lappy haha
  6. Hey, for the 965 chipset, click here and click Compatible Products. It'll list every processor you can upgrade to.

    You'll want one with a higher speed (in GHZ).

    I don't know if you did this already, but it seems you're giving up, so yeah..hope it helped.
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