leadtek win fast geforce2 ultra?

Has anybody heard positive things about this card? I know it must be fast, its an ultra, but is it a solid card with good visuals?
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  1. I have the same question!

  2. The leadtek cards use very fast ram 4.0 ns and considered to be excellent cards

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  3. Tom did a review on Leadtek's G2 last year and it was his "bang for the buck" winner. I am currently considering purchasing the Leadtek G2 Pro. One of my favorite features on the Leadtek cards are the massive heatsinks.

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  4. i've got one of the ddr geforces from leadtek and it rocks. the heatsink is HUGE! it even comes with an overclocking utility, if you're into that stuff. i've also only heard good stuff about leadtek's products.

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  5. Dunno about the leadtek winfast geforce 2 pro, but their regular winfast geforce 2 gts is really awesome...I never have any problems with it, but I don't recommend running it on a mother board with a via chipset on it, cuz via sucks.
  6. I wouldn't say that via sucks. It released some bad stuff but most people have a kt133, kt133a. One of my friends has a kx133, a geforce 1 32 (the first ones) 235W PSU and nothing was wrong. His system was running fine and only installed via 4 in 1 because he heard everybody else was doing it.
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