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Getting USB port(s) working on Acer AspireOne Netbook

I have Vista on my Acer AspireOne and Windows 7 on my Aspire laptop. I have done the same procedures on both computers thinking it might work on one of them and it has not. I really want to use the program on my Aspire One.

I am trying to use a usb gps receiver device that requires a usb port be used as a serial for using the receiver with a third party mapping program. The receiver shows that it is receiving the info. The test program to see if the com port is connecting and working shows an error, there is no com. The systems hardware shows the port is working. I think that the computer is not recognizing the usb as serial therefore the test program doesn't see there is a serial so gives an error. I am not very knowledge about this say I may be completely clueless. I have followed all the directions regarding using the port address that the computer assigns, allowed the program through the windows firewall, changed the port settings as required, plugged and unplugged, restarted, etc. Numerous times.

Any other suggestions, since I have reached the end of my experience of what to do?
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    Hi :)

    CLOSING due to age... but please start another thread if you are still having problems , which I will answer promptly...

    All the best Brett :)
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