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During a recent flood the charger for my laptop broke. It is the standard charger that came with the laptop (an Asus) but I'm not sure of the exact model. The charger comes in two parts, one that plugs into the wall with a big box that I assume is some sort of power supply and a second that plugs into the laptop and into said box. The plug on the box is covered in corrosion. I've tried cleaning it off with isopropyl alcohol but it still doesn't work. The laptop works but I can't charge it. Is there a way to fix it or buy a new one?
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    I would recommend buying another one. You can buy a replacement from stores online like Newegg, Micro Center, Amazon, or Fry's. It's important for your power supply to always work well. With what your charger went through, I wouldn't trust it even if it did come on sometimes. I always keep a universal charger around myself, that way when you get another laptop it would make for a good backup on the new one.
  2. Google around for a replacement battery charge for you specific Asus laptop model. It generally should not be too difficult to find one.
  3. Thanks. I found it. going out to buy one later this week.
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