ATI XPERT2000 or not?

I am building a computer for my father. I have bought all the parts. 1 Ghz Tbird-C (AXIA Stepping), A7V133, SB Live!, 256 PC133 , and so on. I have not yet bought his video card. He doesn't play games. I basically built him a bad ass cd-burning/internet browsing station. However, I'm sure I might play a few games on it when I go visit ;) I was wondering if the ATI Xpert2000 is a "decent" video card? It's cheaper than the MX's, I don't think he really needs an MX. Anyone have experiences with this card, or any comments? Thanks.

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  1. First of, 1 gighz and 256 megs ram is way too much for just surfing and burning.
    I don't know about ati xpert 2000's 3d quality, but, if your dad's not a big gamer, you might be better of with a voodoo 3 (2000,3000,3500) or a tnt2. And I know that voodoo 3 2000 costs less than 100 U.S. I have an asus a7v, duron 800 and a voodoo3 2000 and it works great. I can play any game at reasonable frame rate and am quite satisfied with it (for another 3 months anyway).

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  2. First, what a lucky dad, do you need another one?
    Second, I agree with Fulgore that you are going overkill for just surfing and stuff, however, if you got the $$ great... longterm it should pay off in that it won't become obsolete for at least 24 hours. :smile:
    As for the video card, you can pick up a TNT2 dirt cheap and it will play a decent game of quake or whatever. The Voodoo cards are also a good consideration. No experience with the ATI stuff so I can't recommend them.

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  3. Well, faster is always better. I am OCing the chip, hopefully it will reach at least 1.3 Ghz :). It might be overkill, but the point is that it has to last a few years. He isn't like me that buys a $400 dollar GeForce2 and half a year later is about to spend $500 on a GeForce3 ;) Eventhough, I guess sine I use his allowance, he technically is paying for all of it! ha! :)

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  4. Very cool, your Father should be proud of his new box.

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  5. Well, Since it's a gig+ system, your dad would probably run it for atleast 5 years. has geforce 2 mx's for less than $100 U.S. You might consider the mx as well. This way, he doesn't have to worry about replacing any part for the next 5 years. Also, what hsf are you using to cool the cpu?

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  6. I am going to be cooling it with the Vantec FCE-62450D and Arctic Silver II.

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  7. I use to have a ATI Rage Fury which uses the same Rage-128 chip as the expert2000. ATI really got their driver reputation on this chipset. It has excellent DVD ability, 3d by todays standards is slow, don't expect to buy new titles and run them in anything over 800x600 or with the eye candy turned on. 2d is very good, so for the internet, business programs and stuff like that it is fine. For me the RageFury was a funny card, one set of drivers would work with a few problems then the next three sets (not elaborating) would be disasters and the cycle would repeat. ATI has worked most of the bugs out of the drivers by now. The Expert2000 is a refined RageFury which has performance roughly the speed of the TNT chip except 32 bit was more closer to the TNT2 chip. I recommend buying either a MX, a Radeon LE or VE. The cost is not that much more but the performance is 2 to 3 times faster.

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  8. Slap on a DVD driver with the system. the Xpert 2000 comes with a DVD decoder. I have a xpert 2k on my Dad's 600mhz duron Works great :*)

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  9. Personally, i think it would be a crime to use such a low performance video card on such a fast system. If i was you, i would definitely consider spending the extra $50 bucks and get him a modern video card. If your mainly concerned with dvd playback you might condsider a radeon le or ve model, their going for around $85 bucks these days. But it's also hard not to rule out a geforce mx card on your system, though i guess its a bit of an overkill for internet and maybe not worth the extra few dollars. I would definitely consider the radeon, however -- at its current price level its a real value purchase.
  10. The expert 32 meg card is an excellent card for the purposes you describe with good dvd attributes.

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