System error 102 (event 1003)

I've just upgraded to XP Pro and everything was hunky dory, until I applied SP1 and the critical security updates (which took me HOURS!!!). Now I get an error (serious system error) 9 times out of 10 on boot, and the system randomly reboots on me following system error 102 (as reported by event viewer).

I'm o fan of M$, but I use their software (mainly because I have to), but to have the system failing like this is beyond a joke. I've looked on the M$ knowledge base and they say that it is due to a USB media reader driver. I haven't got this media, nor it's driver. Can anyone help me?



System specs:

1.1GHz Athlon on an ASUS A7N8X with 1GB Crucial PC3200 RAM
1x30GB HDD and 1x60GB HDD. (Maxtor and Seagate respectively)
ASUS A9560 (I think) Geforce FX5600 graphics card (latest drivers)
CD Rom and CDRW with Nero 5.5
Norton Anti-Virus 2002 and Personal Firewall 2002.
Office 2000
Win XP (updated to SP1a and with Critical security updates installed)

There are lies, damn lies and statistics - Mark Twain.
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  1. Anything flagged in your device manager? SP1a includes support for USB 2.0 for your motherboard, so prior to this your board would only have been able to use its older USB 1.1 ports. Have you tried re-installing the motherboard USB drivers and/or the VIA drivers on your motherboard CD?

    I'm not sure this will solve anything, but at least it will eliminate one possibility.

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  2. Everything looks fine. I think Imay have to reinstall windows if I can't get this sorted (I hate having to reconfigure my machine).

    I've tried reinstalling drivers, restarting system restore, I'm even going to go to the Windows update site and see what I can find there. The only other thing to do will be to disable the paging file (as a last resort).

    More days of grief here I come.

    There are lies, damn lies and statistics - Mark Twain.
  3. I have a very similar problem with my P-IV system running a fully patched and updated XP Home. Random restarts with System Error Cat 102 Event 1003. The subcode I'm getting varies, sometimes 8e other times d1, both would seem to indicate a driver problem. Machine rarely runs for more than a day or 2 without going down/up.

    I have tried updating everything I can find to update without a resolution. Device Manager shows all normal.

    My question, how can I find out which driver it is that is causing XP to burp?
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