Upgraded to 7 64 from vista 32

I just upgraded from vista 32 to 7 64 and everything seemed to go fine. After it finished installing and I put on a few programs. Then I tried to start it up a few hours later and it doesnt see either of my (sata) hard drives in the bios - it only detects my dvd drive... any ideas

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  1. Did you try reseating your power and SATA cables? Try different power plugs from your PSU and different SATA cables too- I've personally had data cables go bad for no particular reason.

    You can also try clearing your CMOS to see if that clears up the problem. Are you running AHCI or IDE mode?

    Also, try different SATA ports on your motherboard. Try the port your DVD drive is connected to since that one seems to be working.

    If the above does not get your BIOS to detect your hard drives, I suggest you see if the hard drives work when plugged into another computer. If all of the above fail and the drives work with another computer, you may have a bad controller on your motherboard.

    In short:
    Check/change power source
    Check/change data cables
    Check/change motherboard SATA ports
    Clear CMOS
    Check drives in a separate computer.
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