I just got a new asus K55N laptop, opinions?

I just got this Laptop and want to know if it can handle a game like battlefield 3 Offline and Online before i go out and buy the game, and on what display settings (Low or Ultra high resolution for example)

here are the specifics

Model: Asus K55N-HA8123K

CPU: A8 - 4500M

HDD: 500G 5400R SATA

RAM: DDR3 1600 4G

OS: Win 8

LCD + ID - COLOR: 15.6 HD (GL,LED) /USB3.0

WLAN: 802.11bgn_WW

I would really like to know the details, and if it can or cant what to do to make it better. Also is my computer as good as people say?

Thank you so much!! :hello:
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  1. You will want to make sure it has 2 sticks of RAM and not just one. Two sticks of RAM (preferably same size and speed i.e. 4GB DDR3 1600) will optimize the performance of the integrated GPU.

    I have the slightly faster A10-4600m with 7660G and it can manage single player BF3 just fine but multiplayer good luck, I haven't had much. Low settings 1024x600 it struggles quite a bit even. BF3 is a very CPU *and* GPU heavy program and this single CPU is trying to do the job of both. Otherwise it does manage other games just fine including Far Cry 3 at low settings, and you can overclock the GPU a little bit (about 1000MHz compared with 685MHz stock) and helps adding a few FPS.
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