Dual head speed penalty?

My main system currently has a GTS Pro in the AGP slot. I would like to play around with dual-head in Win98 without buying a new card - but the only PCI GFX card I have going spare is an ancient (gasp) S3 ViRGE 2MB (gag). I'll keep anything 3D on the main screen, and use the second screen as a windows desktop extension.

I just wondered, in this config, whether there would be a big performance drag on the main card if this card is in the system too? I know MX's, Voodoos, TNT's etc can be bought cheaply for this sort of thing, but I'd rather not spend any money at the moment.

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  1. Not as far as I know....

    Just keep the resolution/colour depth within the cards capabilities and it should be fine.

    Just don't expect to run any 3d accelerated programs on the second screen.

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