(2013) I am looking for a good student laptop under 600

I need a laptop that has a long battery life (at LEAST 6 hr). I don't do intensive things but need the pc to stay capable for at least a couple of years. I plan to take it with me to college in about 1.5 years from now. The screen size has to be 15.6 or 14.

I found a good deal on a sale on the hp site:
I plan to add a gt630 card for 50 dollars.
any comments on this laptop or possibly better deals would be apreciated.
I also want to know if you think an i3 is enough for most tasks, or if I really need the i5.
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  1. There's no guarantee that you'll be able to add anything - does it even have an expansion slot?

    And if you want it to last through college, you're going to need at LEAST an i5 - the mobile versions of parts are about half as powerful as the desktop parts.
  2. I can add it on the website. My sister has an i5 but it seems to be overkill. Even playing WOW it only goes up to 20%. This tells me an i5 is adequate. I don't need it to last through all 8 years or so of college just the first couple.
  3. I was also wondering how much the card would affect the battery performance. How much would an upgrade to an i5?
  4. I found this: ENVY Sleekbook 6z-1100
    i also found a coupon that gets me 40 dollars off so and upgrade to an A8 and a backlit keyboard only cost me 630 all together with shipping. Do you think the laptop is worth it? advertised 9 hr battery life but will the 2 upgrades cripple battery life?
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