When would be a good time to Hunt for a laptop ?

I intend to buy a laptop/pc replacement some time in the near future.

When do you think the best time will be? When do you think new generations of mobile processors will be available, or when do you think the prices will drop for the current ones?

my current pc has a i3 and a gtx460, and my goal is to buy a laptop that is better than my current PC, at the best possible price, since my budget is strangled.

Thank you for your time.
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  1. Best time for buy system . if u have money than buy system. I'm not know about future contact Intel and amd customer care for fuuuture products (or) contact astrologers.
  2. New generation laptops will likely not be released until June or July. Rumor has it that Intel has decided to delay the release of their Haswell CPU from April/May.

    The rumor has it that there are internal memos between Intel and various system builders no to ship or advertise new products until June 2nd. It may be tied into the Computex Taipei 2013 trade-show which takes place in early June; many new electronic gadgets are exhibited at that trade-show. It could also be that there is still a lot of Ivy Bridge laptops sitting on store shelves and warehouses and the delay gives electronic retailers/e-tailers additional time to sell off their inventories.

    With that said, there will likely be price reductions starting in April on some laptops and more laptops as June/July looms closer.
  3. ooh.. too bad then.

    A further question:

    will an i5 third gen mobile proc be better than my current i3?

    is there a web sute where i can find such benchmarks? PC components vs laptop components?
  4. looking here:

    I saw that a i5-3320M is more or less the same as my i3-2120. That`s not good news for me because a laptop with a i5-3320M (which would not be an upgrade for performance) is quite expensive.

    this quest of mine is looking a bit impossible.
  5. I do not like synthetic benchmark like PassMark. They tend to give erroneous results when you compare performance in actual programs.

    Generally speaking there is not much difference in performance between Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge CPUs. At the same clockspeed, Ivy Bridge CPUs are only about 6% more powerful than Sandy Bridge CPUs. The biggest difference between the two is the increase in GPU performance of the Intel HD 4000. In the desktop version it is approximately 35% - 40% more powerful than the Intel HD 3000.

    Since we are talking about mobile CPUs, the 6% gain in average performance may or may not exist when compared to a desktop CPU. Mobile CPUs by design use less power than desktop CPUs. The obvious way to lower power consumption is the clockspeed of the CPU core and of the Intel HD 4000 graphic core. I think there are 5 or 6 different clockspeeds for the Intel HD 4000 in laptops. The ULV CPUs gets the slowest version to conserve power and the quad core i7 "QM" CPUs likely get the fastest ones. However, there could be other things within the CPU itself that has been "de-tuned" for slightly lower performance in exchange for lower power consumption.

    Powerful laptops comes at a price especially if you want a "desktop replacement" that is more powerful than desktop PC that is still considered very modern.
  6. thx for your input.
    I`ve read in the last days more about laptops, laptop procs, etc. I know now a bit more then zero about them now, so I`ve decided to buy a chap net-book that I will use for surfing the web and maybe watch a movie, and drop gaming completely.
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