Laptop got sent away for repairs, now the charger doesn't work?

Hey everyone,
Wondering if you can perhaps help me shed some light on my problem. I've been the proud owner of a Toshiba Satellite laptop for about 2 years now, had to change the charger because it burnt out and have been running it on a non brand charger but that's not the problem.
The problem started when I spilt tea on it (yeah, ouch), and had to get it sent away to the people it was under warranty with for repairs. After a month of waiting around for them to do something I finally got it back but now the charger no longer works. The light on the charger comes on if it's plugged in, but upon being put into the laptop switches off automatically and of course will not charge the laptop. What concerns me is when they repaired the laptop they replaced the casing with an American keyboard (and presumably casing as well? Now, being in the UK, is this likely to be part of the problem. They have requested I send it back and that they will fix it claiming they already have the part required, but my question is, is this likely to have caused the problem? It doesn't make a difference if I have the laptop battery in or not, the charger turns off until I remove it from the laptop jack.

Any suggestions on what might have caused this or if there's anything that I can do if I get it back with the same problem is muchly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. The power brick light turning off when it is plugged into the laptop indicates that there is a short somewhere. The most likely place is at the power jack (where the adapter plugs in). I'm half under the impression that the shop simply replaced the keyboard and didn't test the unit for operation afterwards - or left a connection loose. Send it back to them and request they test it before retuning it.
    Hope it helps
  2. I'm guessing they replaced the whole computer or at least the MB with one that has a different charge jack possibly with reversed polarity. I'd make the repair facility fix it.
  3. Thanks guys, I've sent it back today, so I'll see what happens, I'm hoping it's going to be a quick fix, I'll give them a call tomorrow to ask about testing it before returning.
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