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How do i clear the CMOS password on the toshiba satellite a350d-ba3

hi there I am trying to reset the password on my sons laptop he forgot the password. have it apart
but can't find the jumpers others have spoke about with other modela they are under the ram not with this
one. any help would be much appreciated. it is a toshiba satellite a350d-ba3
thanks so much

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    No one here can, or will help you removing the password on anything, for any reason. No way to verify you own it, ask Toshiba. Its also against the ToS of TH for you to even ask.
  2. I am guessing the laptop with the jumpers is an older laptop.

    To the best of my knowledge, all modern laptops (probably since 2007) have improved security which prevents the laptop's BIOS password from being reset by either removing the CMOS battery or using jumpers. The password is now stored in Flash memory which does not need power for the data (in this case the password) to remain in memory.

    Since it is your son's laptop, then I will assume either you or your wife bought it for him. All you need to do is call Toshiba and verify that you or your wife indeed purchased the laptop. If you bought it directly from Toshiba then they should have your record. If you bought it from a store, then you would have had to register it either online or by mail.

    Once all information has been verified, they will likely request that you mail the laptop to one of their service centers to resolve the BIOS password. They will likely charge you a fee for this service especially if it is no longer under warranty.
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