FS: Many items including a lot of NOS. Many goodies.

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I have the following for sale in the Nashville, TN area:

- 1 NOS Atari Logo Gauntlet joystick. This is a complete NOS microswitch
Gauntlet joystick. The top half(the part that wears out on these sticks) is
the same as used on many Atari games such as I Robot, Gauntlet, Rolling
Thunder, Galaga 88, Dragon Spirit, Escape from the planet of the robot
monsters, Road Runner and possibly a few more I cant think of at the moment.
Use it for Gauntlet or take the top half to use on any of the games listed
above. This especially makes a huge difference in the hall effect games such
as I Robot.

$50 plus $5 shipping

- 1 NOS Atari Rolling Thunder dedicated control panel. This is not NOS in
the purest sense of the word but it has been restored with NOS components
including a NOS Atari Logo joystick, a NOS overlay and two NOS atari start
cone buttons. It looks brand new and plays brand new.

$70 plus $10 shipping.

- NOS Marble Madness marquee. NOS and perfect in every sense.

$50 plus $5 shipping.

- 2 NOS Wells Gardner 4900 vertical frame monitors working 100%. These are
not in the original boxes but they are brand new with no screen burn or
anything. In my opinion the 4900 monitor was one of the best monitors ever
made and a lot better than the newer garbage out there.

$190 a peice plus $35 shipping a peice. I cannot combine shipping on these.

- Pheonix arcade 720 degrees control panel overlay. Brand new,perfect and
true to the original
in every way.

$30 plus $5 shipping.

- 1 set of NOS TRON blacklight plastics. These cover the upper blacklight
and the lower light under the control panel. You will NOT find these
anywhere! These still have all of the bright vibrant colors and are not
faded at all. These truly bring a new experience to playing TRON. I only
know of one other set
in existance and those are definatly not for sale. You will be in a class by
yourself with these plastics.

$275 plus $15 shipping.

- 1 Pole Position upright NOS overlay. Perfect in every sense of the word.

$30 plus $5 shipping

- 1 NOS dedicated Mr DO! hard plastic control panel overlay. This is for
only the
plastic peice that goes around the joystick and it does not include the
instruction card plastic. NOS and perfect in every way. This is for the
small button control panel and not the larger button control panel.

$40 plus $5 shipping.

- Galaga 88 marquee from a dedicated cabinet. Marquee is mint. It has
never been cut or altered in any way.

$25 plus $5 shipping.

- 2 tested and 100% working JAMMA Double Dragon PCB's. I believe one is a
bootleg as it does not have a screening on the PCB and some components are
in slightly different locations. I pulled one from a dedicated cabinet and
one from a conversion.

$25 plus $10 shipping for both.

- 1 Donkey Kong Jr PCB that was converted to Street Heat. Its 100%
working. From what I have learned about the Street Heat conversion is that
it is just a ROM swap, I also do not see any jumpers or anything crazy
except a daughter PCB plugged into a factory ROM slot. PCB frame is a bit
rusty but the PCB looks excellent.

$30 plus $10 shipping.

- 1 NOS nintendo Vs. control panel for a standard nintendo cabinet like
Donkey Kong or even a dedicated
single monitor Vs. cab.. This is fully populated with joysticks and buttons.
Mint NOS condition, just plug and play.

$50 plus $10 shipping.

- 1 Donkey Kong JR marquee and bezel. Marquee is near perfect and may just
have a few very minor blemishes from where it was mounted on the cabinet.
You would not see these when mounted and it looks perfect when mounted and
backlit, a 9.9. bezel is excellent but is has some wear in a line from where
it was mounted against the top marquee bracket. You should not see this when
mounted. Other than that it is excellent with maybe some slight hazing marks
but nothing some plastic polish couldnt take out if you wanted to get really
anal. I would rate the bezel a 9.0.

$35 for both with $10 shipping.

- 1 Excellent used Wells Gardner 4900 horizontal frame monitor working
100%. A very nice,clean, low hour monitor that only has a EXTREMELY small
amount of burn in. You have to look really hard to see any burn in. on a
scale of 1-10 I would say the amount of burn in is a 0.5 . Most people would
say it is burn free but I am anal about monitors and am just giving my 100%
honest opinion.

$100 plus $35 shipping.

- 1 Excellent used Sayno 120 volt horizontal frame monitor in mint 100%
working burn free condition. This came out of a Dig Dug and this monitor has
one of the best pictures on it that I have ever seen on any monitor. I
definatly know it will work as a plug and play in Dig Dugs, Kangaroos,
Galaga 88's and others. It has a molex connector that connects your video
colors and sync. It should work in any game provided that you get the
pinouts, which look to be the same as a standard Nintendo Sanyo monitor.

$90 plus $35 shipping.

- 1 NOS Pole Position 2 wall poster. Didnt take time to measure the exact
dimensions but it is a full size poster like the ones you see advertising
for a movie.

$20 plus $8 shipping.

I can combine shipping on a lot of things so let me know what you are
interested in. I take money orders only and I will ship to only the United
States. Pick up is always welcome as well.


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    Ken I'm interested in an item...can you email me?? Or how can I get in
    tuoch with you.
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    Hmm, you should just be able to reply directly to me through whatever
    newsreader you are using but it looks like you are using google and I have
    heard of limitations of google.

    My direct email is:



    <kEVINJ58@AOL.COM> wrote in message
    > Ken I'm interested in an item...can you email me?? Or how can I get in
    > tuoch with you.
    > Thanks
    > Kevin
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