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How to save America.

Okay, here is the deal.

I will allow this thread to remain open, as long as everyone keeps their pants on. No political debates. If that does not seem like your cup of tea...go somewhere else. This thread is for adults only, no kiddies.

It has come to my attention that there is a stalemate in which the American people have witnessed. Never again shall we see Regans,"Light shining over America." Never shall we see any prosperity again, unless drastic political, social and economic changes are made.

Here are the Issues:

1) The United States of America: In general, we are falling faster than a giants feet tied together. As a leader of innovation and technology we have seen a slow down, not because of limitations, but because we see them as too hard. We must invest in science. Start there.

2) The Economy: Blame Obama, Regulations or any other issues. The reality is everyone thinks blaming wills solve the problem. You want change YOU DO IT! I am so tired of listening to everyone bi*ch and complain about who's fault it is. It is all of our faults. Also, regualtion is not an issues. do not create more or less regulation. Instead, create or recreate 'smarter' regulation. Creating smart regs will lower the regs now but still allow people to operate into limitations without harm. Invest in the capitalist society. Everyone is afraid of taking chances because they are afraid of losing money. Isn't that what a Capitalist society does? Takes chances. Create a business, and extra job. Put a team of workers in the US for the benefits of others. Invest in America. it is not that hard.

3) Congress and Daddies Credit Card: Please, it is not the blank check, it is the credit card. They spend like there is no tomorrow. put a cap on congress and follow this easy plan:

-Create a flat tax system; no loop holes.
-Collect taxes on April 15
-Take all projects and count how much each needs to operate a 100% capacity
Give each program 1% at a time evenly until everyone is satisfied by that 1%. Continue to 2% and on...

4) Go Independent: Do not see yourself into ideology. George Washington said: "If this Nation goes to party, it will surely be the end of it."

Those are true words. Look at what has happened now. Our children will have to pick up our mess. Yo can relax, you will be dead. What do you care? You could care less if they ate dog food made in China. Heck, china will OWN the US. Good job America, you f*cked us this time. Now i must go about my life waiting for a great nation to become crap.

I am dogman_1234, and I approve this message.

P.S.Dogman for President.
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    Germany, Australia and Canada are developed, federalized nations, like the United States and they're doing fine in comparison (hint, hint)!
    We all know what has to be done... any more discussion on the subject is pointless because it will always get back to that which has to be done.
  2. As an outsider looking in I'm amazed at how things are being handled in (the US of) America.

    Conditions seem to be getting worse all the time, and the response appears (from both sides of the political divide) to be to dig in and shout at each other.

    compromise and cooperation could help, but attitudes appear to be so polarised that such and idea could never be implemented.

    Pity - as if things continue we (Europe) will stop enjoying all the cool stuff you make....
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