Oxygen GVX1 and games?

Ok, here's my situation. I can get this card for a good price, I mainly use my system for animation but I do like to play games all the time too. I heard that professional cards run crappy in games. How bad? I doubt that once you play a game with one you suddenly have a voodoo 2 on your hands but I don't expect it to run like a geforce 2 ultra either.

Can anyone speak from experience, or at least what you've heard about this?
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  1. You need DirectX drivers for it if you want to enjoy most games, and preferably under Window 98. This can be a real problem for pro cards.

  2. Go for an nvidia quatro card, it's a professional card too, much cheaper and better in games.
  3. Howya doin?
    I've got a VX1 running duallies under W2k. You can play older games ok but getting some versions of DirectX to load on this card and will also compound with W2K probs. If you get this card upgrade to a dual wintel config and make the most of the dual rasterisers and multi-threaded drivers otherwise it'll be a waste. Yep your kinda stuck..to get a kick out of this card you need NT or W2K and thats not gonna do your gaming much good.

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  4. yeah, run win2k right now for about a year now so I've run into the probs with gaming but don't mind. Just like to play the odd game here and there. I am going with a single amd cpu for the fpu so I couldn't dual. Is it still a good investment for what I do, say over a geforce2 or radeon? I can get it really cheap, cheaper than any quadro which should perform around the same. Any chance of oc'n them?
  5. Yep the GVX1 is still a much better investment than the geforce 2 or raedon. There are major differences between cards for game players and game creators. Speak to animators that work in the industry and none of them use consumer cards. This is because you need speed and stability when you are manipulating many objects in a scene and quick rendering when you come to applying materials. There's an huge benchmark comparison on this site...read it and you'll understand all the issues involved. The best thing about the GVX1 for me is that is has 2 Glint rasterisers which would make my life so much easier. If it was a dual monitor card I'd buy one straight away (or if I could get one cheap like yourself). My concern is that if you are into animation consider this....3D Studio Max...Maya....Softimage are all multi-threaded....so are the drivers for the GVX1. Beg, borrow or steal your way to getting a dual outfit if you can. Going duallies will be the biggest improvement of all. I always have my CPU graphs running when I render and for most situations they flatline at 100% on both proccesors. Ok enough about that. If your stuck with 1 cpu then you have to consider what level your at. I don't mean to be rude but I think if you were a pro animator you'd know this information anyhow so if your kinda begining maybe the best option might be a geforce2 on a single cpu platform. How long are your average renders? And what do you mean by "oc'n". One more thing, AMD make a value processor but go and check out some of the real world tests in the 3D ring. AMD have proven to be slower and much less stable in the CG arena. Paper specs are one thing, real time/real world tests another. Keep me posted and how much more do you have to fork out for the GVX1?

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  6. I have a freind that has a GVX1 and it plays Counter-Strike *decently" in OpenGL mode (considering the GVX1 is a professional OpenGL card, correct). Anyways, it is still pretty poor compared to a consumer card, I mean a TNT2 plays Counter-Strike better than the GVX1. Also, I don't know what it is about his computer, but while playing the graphics just slowly degrade and after about an hour or so the thing is nearly unplayable it looks so bad. However, it just started that recently, so I'm not sure what it could be. Overheating, corrupt drivers, etc., not sure. What I suggest you do is use the GVX1 for your rendering apps, and maybe pick up a PCI Voodoo 4 or 5 and use that for gaming. That would work, wouldn't it? Probably have to get a monitor switch box, but it should work.

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  7. G'Day M Kelder...Read an article called "Proffesional affair" written May 15 and in Toms Graphic Guide. He compares a range of pro cards and specs for Athlon vs Intel. To correct my statement of before the GVX1 has 1 rateriser and a geometry processor as well that will load balance between it and the cpu. My recomendations...go for the GVX1 and since you occasionally play games too get what game card you can afford. Plug both cards into the mobo...(hopefully the GVX1 will be AGP and you got to get the other in PCI). Use W2K multi monitor setup and just change your primary driver as required to switch between work and games. By the way support from 3Dlabs is excellent so don't miss out on the GVX1. You know now I want to upgrade my card.

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  8. missed out on that card, thought about it too much and it got sold.
  9. damm, how much were they asking?

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  10. GF2 cards are rapidly going down in price so you may have your Quadro soon, that is with slight modifications. Keep 3dsmax modelling and maybe I will see your 3d artwork in a movie.
  11. I'm so dumb, he was asking $120. Not too bad for a 2 year old pro card. I gotta find someone around my area that could do that soldering work, I'd f*ck it up and loose my geforce 2. I haven't been animating for a quite some time now. I got school to finish up next week and trying to sell my old stuff is a full time job too :)
  12. Thanks for getting back to me. For years they have been trying push the DirectX instruction set into competing with open gl. I haven't looked in ages but some of the MS knowlege base articles talk about this issue. Maybe you can use this to to find a good games card that will do well in content creation too. I run my VX1 card in a dual cpu platform. Its AGP 4 and has a glint rasteriser. When I render both my cpu's always flutter at 97-100%. That means I can still get out some damm quick renders and in shaded mode I still can't even blink between transforms even in a complex scene. It's also great in solid modelling for CAD applications. If you haven't already bought your cpu and mobo maybe this option might be good for you as well. Then in a little while when the AGP 4 bandwith is optimised and todays top platform cards have dropped in price you can have cheap dual cpu, dual monitor, dual rasteriser kick butt workstation. The best dollar for performace is when you spend money on that extra cpu and upgrade the mobo. Have a look at an article called "Dual Cpu Chipsets" at www.viatech.com. Its a real eye opener in multi-threaded apps.Maybe then quad boards will be affordable....Aaahhh ye...a quad xeon machine....Britney Spears naked by my side...sipping Tequila Sunrises at my hotel resort in the Carribean.....I'm a simple man....

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  13. at end of year is when I'll move to dual setup. Dual Palomino, **drool**
  14. Don't worry to much about Quadro 2 either-it sucks as an Open GL card, in fact does only slightly better in those aps than the Geforce2, and the difference is not noteworthy. Maybe you should think about having a separate system and using a switchbox for the monitor/keyboard/mouse.

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  15. actually, it is pretty good to do the mod. Does perform quite a bit better, when your talking dead slow and not so dead slow is good :) Also, with the quadro from elsa you can get drivers that are specifically for 3d apps and do make a difference.
  16. Ye just take your time with Palomino. Geting an SMP unit running stable can be an issue. Just remember Intel have been developing it for years. There's nothing worse than waking up in the morning, going to your computer and finding out it crashed on frame 12,334.....and you only had a couple more thousand frames to render before you could hand the job over to your client. Now what do you do? Got to let it render again...whole day wasted cos your computer is tied up. I've been running dual 733Mhz's with the VX1 on a MSI 694D-Pro mobo under W2K for six months now. I've never seen anything run Mechanical Desktop, Autocad or Softimage better. I sorted out a small modem issue when I first got it but since it hasn't crashed on me once. I'm playing with Premiere right now and no probs there so far. I'm sooo happy. My friends and I occasionly run a stopwatch running the same files. There a single Athlon machine, a single P3, a dual 500Mhz P3 on a bx chipset, my duallie and another dual 933Mhz P3 setup. The duallies are always 70-90% faster, the single P3 gets there eventually and the Athlon always crashes (not overclocked either). Ultimately you have to fix the bottlenecks in the rest of your machine. I run Ultra 160 SCSI. My friend with the 933 has the same. Our render times are almost identical. His cpu graphs have never risen past 85%. We both have 512MB ram. Sometimes the fastest chip on the market won't do the trick. Were gonna put my memory sticks in his machine soon to see if it will make a difference.Do a couple of huge renders, you'll realise stability comes first, speed second. Good Luck!!!

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  17. I was only going by the comparisons I saw on a modification page.

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  18. "Also, with the quadro from elsa you can get drivers that are specifically for 3d apps and do make a difference."

    So what di>ckhead the GVX1 does to. And heaps cheaper than the quadro since your only paying $120. But you said your an ametuer animator, so why waste money on a card you don't really need yet. Neither card will accelerate solitaire so you don't need them right now. Or do much for MS paint. hehehehe......ahahahahaha....

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  19. Whats up kelder you bitch?

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