Long boot up time in dell vostro 3500 windows 7 32 bit

I just bought dell vostro 3500 310 M with windows 7 home premium preinstalled. The problem is as soon i turn on the laptop, the dell vostro logo splashes and then there is almost 1-2 minutes black screen and then same dell vostro logo splashes and the windows 7 startup logo appears, however, if i restart the laptop it's normal, only the cold boot takes so much long time which i think is ridiculous.
I tried tech support since my laptop is under warranty but to no avail. I have updated to the latest bios and drivers from dell support page and there's no usb or memory stick while i cold boot. I even did the dell diagnostics test, everything is okay. Being tired of this, I even installed the OS again but to no avail. Pls help!!!
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  1. To me it seems like an issue with the BIOS. Even though you have updated, chances are that Dell has a few issues to work out in that regard. My advice would be to either wait it out until they release a BIOS update or return it if you cannot stand it.
  2. If it was problem with the BIOS, why nobody has reported this problem as vostro 3500 has been out for a couple of months now. The tech support was saying that it's an isolated incident. I googled for this problem hoping if there were any other people having same problem but nobody stated or discussed so far. The only reason i bought this laptop is because the deal was so sweet i couldn't let it pass. I do have an inspiron with windows 7 64 bit and dell xps with windows vista but they don't have any problem so far. I was trying to gift this laptop to my mum but not until this issue is fixed. And btw the dell customer support is a total joke; it's even more funny when at the end they ask you whether you are satisfied. Even they know how a customer feels when he has already shelled out 800 dollars and still scratching his head to fix his brand new system.
    Anyways suggestions/fixes will be much appreciated.
  3. I think you should hound the dell customer care, since your laptop's under warranty.
  4. I did hound the dell customer care and they asked me to do a clean reinstall of the OS itself. I asked them if they can do it for me, the reply was it was no longer supported in customer care and someone does that for them but for some money. awesome aint it? However, Dell V3500 does come with OS installation discs and if i clean install the OS, won't i have problem with the serial keys. Normally, for upgrade or repair i don't need serial keys; the computer automatically recognizes and bypass the stage but in clean reinstall won't the hard drive be formatted and i have to start from scratch...shed some light for me guys...
  5. No, you won't have any problem with the installation with regards to serial keys, etc. Since they specifically work for your particular model, no matter how many times you reinstall the OS, you could enter the same keys every time.
  6. Nearly all Dell computers have an OS product key coded into the BIOS. I've repaired and reinstalled OS's on dozens of Dells and not one has asked for a key and they have all activated automatically afterwards. You must use the Dell restore disk of course. If you use a standard Microsoft disk, it will ask you for the product key every time.
  7. I am not pretty sure if the serial key is coded into the BIOS but they do have a hidden partition that stores OEM serial keys but you are right about the restore disks though. However, in this particular laptop even the standard microsoft installation disks bypassed the serial keys and was activated. Now back to my problem, finally i did solve my problem by hounding them a couple of times ( 4 times to be precise..) and they sent me a replacement a better one with a faster processor and windows 7 professional 64bit and this new machine works like a charm. This certainly did put a smile on my face but the dilemma is whether to send this laptop to my mum (as the original intent of laptop purchase was) or keep it myself and buy her another one. The specs of the replacement laptop is so enticing. And thanx to all of the members for their input and suggestions. I really do appreciate it !
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