G75vw-bbk5 i7 3610QM support 32 GB SO-Dimm RAM

Hello fellow tech geeks, Per Intel site 3610 QM can support up to 32 GB, Asus site only indicates 16 GB, but this computer design is almost a year old now. Asus may have only tested w/ 4x of 4GB memory sticks & will NOT go back & test with newer 8 GB sticks that are now becoming affordable.
Has anyone tried running 32 GB DDR3 1600 CAS 11 on this unit? Is the 16GB limit per the system board specs, or the CPU specs. TY DaH
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  1. The 16GB limitation is a board / BIOS limitation. Basically if the BIOS is designed only to recognize up to 16GB of RAM, then that's it.
  2. I have the G75vw-bbk5 i7 3610QM. I have 32gb of 1600 ram cas 11 in it right now. Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit shows all 32 gigs, but because it is home Prem edition it says only 16gb usable. Windows 8 won't have that limitation. Windows Experience index with 32gb 1600 cas 11 is 7.7, highest score of all of the rest of the list of hardware until I put in an SSD that scores 7.8...

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