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Hi all..

Have some parts to get rid of:
****Space Lords Parts
Space Lords Marquee
Space Lords Boardset-untested
Space Lords Control Panels-Complete, Very good shape
Space Lords Power Supply

****WWF Wrestlemania Parts
WWF Wrestlemania Boardset-working
WWF Wrestlemania Marquee-O.K. Condition
WWF Wrestlemania Manual

****Sega Virtua Racing 2 Player Sitdown Parts:
1 Medium Resolution Monitor (condition Unknown)
2 Complete Control Panels
2 Pedal Assemblies
Marquee- has some light cracking on bottom and top edges
Player 1 Player 2 Indicators
*Complete Boardset-Working Condition Unknown* This includes all the
boards that are underneath the seat and the boardset in the main unit
2 Complete Power Supplies and all underseat wiring-untested

Continnental Circuit Boardset


Bally Midway Dual Display Modules (2)
Part # A080-91851-E000
Came out of Special Force Pin

Special Force Playfield in fairly good condition should clean up very
well...This is the playfield plastics (they are pretty beat
up) or electronics. The playfield is in pretty good condition though.

E-mail me with offers for any of this stuff. If you would like pics I
can try and get some. Shipping will be from 48867.

I will probably have some more stuff later on and if you need something

from any of the games I listed please let me know and i will see what I

can come up with.

I may try to test the Space Lords if someone would like me to since it
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Wrestlemania Kit has been spoken for.

    Also have for sale a Run and Gun PCB. $30.00 Shipped OBO
  2. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Space Lords Boardset and Control Panels have been sold. Sega Virtua
    racing pedal sets sold. Still have a lot of the V.R. Parts for sale as
    listed above. Also have the working Run and Gun PCB listed abover for
    sale...yes it works.

  3. virtua racing main cpu boards

    looking for main gameboards please email if still have
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