Belkin wireless g plus desktop card

I don't found driver for this PCI card: belkin wireless g plus desktop card ver. 2001 ef driver

The sistem is Windows Ultimate x64 and in the manufacturer page are only drivers for previous Windows. :o

Anyone is knowing anything to make runable the card?

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  1. ???
  2. guanyu210379 said:

    Sorry? :sleep:
  3. From Belkin:
    Windows 7 Product Support Information
    Windows 7 users:

    If you are using an older Belkin Networking product, you may not have support for Windows 7 with your current software.

    Software updates will be posted as they become available. Please check back if your product is not currently supported.

    Some updates may still be in the process of going through Microsoft’s official certification program. Although they have been thoroughly tested, they may present a warning message when the driver is being installed. These drivers will install on 32 bit operating systems but not on 64 bit systems, which is the normal and expected behavior.

    Even though your product may currently not be supported under Windows 7, it may very well work on it; in the majority of cases, software and drivers for Windows Vista will work on Windows 7 without a problem.

    Try this page look for windows vista 64 bit as well
  4. Thanks, great answer, but not a solution.

    Belkin don't sumistrate Vistadrivers for F5D7001 Wireless G Plus Desktop Card v.2000.

    Nothing is perfect!
  5. If there are no drivers for the card, there are no drivers for the card.

    Edit.. actually, I just did a quick search for Belkin PCI wireless cards. it looks like the 2xxxx series does have some type of Vista drivers for download here

    Try those, if they don't work, your solution would be to get a new wireless card or complain to Belkin until they supply ones for the card you have.
  6. This link es for F5D7050 Wireless G USB Network Adapter and not for F5D7001 Wireless G Plus Desktop Card v.2000.

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    Just in case anyone still has this card and wants to use it with Win7 32/64, try to use broadcom 802.11g driver.
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  9. Thank you, but it's to late! Since any month I changed to another pci-wifi-card. :sol:
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