ASUS A55A-VB51 Bloatware?

Just purchased an ASUS A55A-VB51 and was wondering what programs I can uninstall without causing problems? Thanks much!
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  1. hello... what programs does your computer list now?
  2. Phew, what a lot of stuff:

    McAfee (trial)
    MS Office 2010 (trial)
    ASUS Web Storage
    ASUS K5 Screen Saver
    ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Tech
    ASUS Fast Boot
    ASUS Wireless Console 3
    ASUS Life Frame 3
    ASUS Scene Switch
    ASUS Face Logon
    ASUS Instant On for NB
    ASUS WinFlash
    ASUS Virtual Touch
    ASUS Power4Gear Hybrid
    ASUS USB Charger Plus
    ASUS AI Recovery
    ASUS Virtual Camera
    ASUS Live Update
    ASUS Vibe 2.0
    Cyberlink Media Suite
    Cyberlink Power2Go
    Cyberlink Label Print

    I also seem to have multi-language version of some of the Microsoft apps installed and am wondering if I can remove them... i.e.

    1a) Windows Live Mesh Active X Control for Remote Connections
    1b) Control Active X de Windows Live Mesh para conexionex remotas

    Am I safe to remove the multi-language ones?

    Any and ALL suggestions for cleaning up all this mess will be more than greatly appreciated!
  3. hello... Yes pre-loaded brands have a lot on them... but good for those new-comers to the PC world... If you feel you don't use anyone of those... properly remove using "Control Panel" "Programs and Features"... one at a time and re-boot between.

    If you feel you are ready for Just a "Pure Windows Install"... there are other options to you... But every one of those will not be installed.
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