Which has better compatibility with ubuntu - xps 13 / xps 14?

I am planning on buying a dell XPS 13 or XPS 14.. but really confused in choosing one..

- Will be installing Ubuntu along side windows (dual boot)
- Main purpose - web & mobile app development
- It seems XPS 13 ( only pre-installed Ubuntu - project sputnik) is Ubuntu certified and XPS 14 is not.

Which one, out of the 2 laptops has better Ubuntu compatibility and most apt for web development?

Any help will be appreciated.
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  1. Either will run Ubuntu just fine. The 13 looks like it comes with an SSD so it would load faster. Both have options for I5 or I7 processors so it depends on how much you want to spend. It's best to install windows first and then Ubuntu. Ubuntu does a better job managing the dual boot situation.
  2. we dont get i7 xps 14's back here in india.. but ya SSD option is available..

    i came across some threads which mentioned xps 14 having wifi issues with ubuntu 12.04 lts.. has it been resolved ? if not for this issue, i would have blindly gone with xps 14..

    To add to the confusion, yesterday i got news about xps 13 that its goin to come with full HD IPS displays from month end.. :-|
    is it worth the wait ? [ good display + mobility + sputnik ppa's ]
  3. IPS is very nice. I've not heard about the 14 wifi problems. I'd google it to find out the latest. I'd probably wait....
  4. So, if you were to choose between xps 13 and xps 14, which one would you have selected ? :-)
  5. If the prices are similar, right now I'd go with the 14. If you can afford it get upgraded graphics. You can add a larger SSD later and be better off. However, if you're willing to wait for the IPS it might be worth it.
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