Do people buy/sell on this forum?

I am new here, and I am just curious if this forum is only for asking questions?

I would like to sell my laptop, but I do not see anyone else selling on here.

Is it against the forum rules to sell on here?

If it is against the rules, than can anyone point me in the right direction of a forum where it is okay to sell on (like a forum with a feedback system)?

Sorry, I am too lazy to read through the rules of the site.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. ebay :)
  2. Yes no way to sell items in forms . its for asking question about problems and any user can provide answer.
    try ebay ,amazon ,etc... to sell u r goods.
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    Actually, Tom's does have a "Classified" section where you can list your stuff.
  4. Yes, this site does have a FS/FT forum. Not very trafficed however. Anand and Hard have bigger forums.
  5. ^^^
    That's Anandtech and HardForum.
  6. Or if you need websites, and Not sure about anand, but hard requires you to be a member with I think 50posts. So you'll need to hang out for awhile before you can post. And don't spam the forums with comments as I've seen them pull FS/FT threads because you just spammed 50 useless posts.
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